Corporate Support Program

Corporations and Members Honor Roll

Corporations and individual donors are invited to join the Charter Honor Roll of IMARS and support the Sociaty through donations.  The logos of the corporations and names of the donors will be posted on the IMARS website and published in the Newsletter that is under development. Honor Roll donations can be made by credit card or check in USD payable to “IMARS” to be drawn by U.S. Bank, or by wire transfer after contacting the IMARS desk:

International Maillard Reaction Society
IMARS President Office

Secretariat: Ossanna Nashalian

Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, McGill University

email: [email protected]

Corporate membership ($3,000/year) is an important way to sustain the goals of the Society and therefore greatly appreciated and encouraged. Corporations will receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Purchase IMARS reasearch reagents at discounted price, otherwise only available to IMARS academic members at IMARS Website
  • Free posting of available postitions on IMARS website
  • Free subscription to IMARS Highlights
  • One complimentary registrations to IMARS sponsored scientific event during the year
  • One Page on the IMARS Website in a section dedicated to “Corporate Members”