Editorial Comment to the September 2012 Issue of IMARS Highlights

imars-highlights-july-2012-106x150This is an anniversary issue of IMARS Highlights for celebrating Prof. Louis Camille Maillard, who published the major article describing the reaction that now bears his name in 1912. The 11th IMARS meeting as the Centenary Symposium of the Maillard Reaction discovery is held at Nancy in France (September 16-20, 2012).
For an anniversary issue, Prof. Vincenzo Fogliano, president of IMARS, suggested me to re-publish the historical editorial comment, “What’s cooking? Notes from the Editor’s pot”, written by Prof. Susan Thorpe in the first issue of IMARS Highlights, which was published in 2006. This reminds us the early purpose and future landscape of this online journal. I hope that the IMARS Highlights promote intimate relationship between the members of the society and further play a part in our fruitful communications among Millard Reaction researchers. This issue also provides the articles of Prof. Seiichi Homma and Prof. Alejandro Gugliucci. Prof. Homma summarizes the achievement of his longtime research regarding “his melanoidin”. Prof. Gugliucci describes the updated information about the link between diabetic neuropathy and methylglyoxal. I would like to thank their great contributions to the IMARS Highlights.
As always, I would like to invite you to submit your articles, comments to any kinds of issues published in IMARS Highlights and other glycation-related issues in the field of food and medical sciences. The IMARS Highlights editors always look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at [email protected]

Reiko Inagi, PhD
Division of Nephrology and Endocrinology
University of Tokyo, School of Medicine

email: [email protected]


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