Editorial Comment to the November 2012 Issue of IMARS Highlights

imars-highlights-july-2012-106x150The 11th IMARS meeting as the Centenary Symposium of the Maillard Reaction discovery was held at Nancy in France, the hometown of Prof. Louis Camille Maillard, in September 16-20, 2012. All the attendees enjoyed the insightful meeting very much. The Centenary Symposium may be one small step for Maillard researchers, but we hope it will be one giant leap for mankind!

In this issue, Prof. Inès Birlouez Aragon, Co-chair of the Scientific Committee of the Symposium, provided the meeting report of the 11th IMARS meeting with memorial photos. Further, this issue provides the articles of Dr. Benjamin Szwergold from Dartmouth Medical School, US, describing the anti-glycation strategies in hyperthermophilic archaea. Two committee members of Japan Maillard Reaction Society (JMARS), Prof. Motoko Takahashi from Sapporo Medical University and Prof. Yuich Kaji from Tsukuba University, also contributed to this issue. Prof. Takahashi introduces her recent work regarding the novel function of aldehyde reductase in ascorbic acid biosynthesis. Prof. Kaji described the importance of inhibition of glycation and subsequent breakdown of abnormal protein aggregates in age-related ocular diseases.

I would like to thank their great contributions to the IMARS Highlights. As always, the IMARS Highlights editors always look forward to submission of your articles, comments to any kinds of issues published in IMARS Highlights and other glycation-related issues in the field of food and medical sciences. Please contact us at [email protected]

Reiko Inagi, PhD
Division of Nephrology and Endocrinology
University of Tokyo, School of Medicine

email: [email protected]


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