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Only the IMARS Members can access to the specific reserved section.

  • Password will be sent to the 2010 IMARS Members by mail by IMARS President Office upon request, filling the following form.
  • The 2009 Members, who have not yet renewed for 2010, will receive a 3-months-password that allows temporary access. For teh request, please, fill the following form.Don’t forget to renew, otherwise the password will expire on 31 March 2010.

The President’s Office will notify by email your registration and the password within 2 working days from the request; after the registration, you can change the password anytime accessing to the “Change Profile and Password” Page.

If you wish to join the IMARS Community, wou will find information about the advantages and how to subscribe, at the “IMARS Membership Value and Categories”

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