Each Committee is composed of a chair and a different number of members.

The composition and number of slots in each committee is left up to the chairs.

Volunteers are encouraged.

1. Finance and Future Meetings Committee

The goals of the Finance and Fund Raising committee are to raise funds for the Society, to review its financial status, develop a budget, make any recommendations to the Council relating to finances, and to submit a financial report to the membership at the Annual Meeting and to submit every year a financial report to the Board of Director.

Chair: I. Birlouez

Members: D. Sell, F. Morales, T. Mori

2. Journal Committee

The Journal Committee determines the editorial policy for all publications of The Society. Membership of the Publication Committee consists of the Editor(s)-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and other Council members and members-at-large appointed by the President.

Chair:  N. Rabbani

Members: P. Thornalley, V. Somoza, L. Del Castillo, F. Hayase, H. Yamamoto, G. Muench

3.  Website and Education Committee

The Website and Education Committee is responsible for the content of the IMARS website, particularly for the members reserved pages providing on-line educational and teaching resources

Chair: F. Tessier

Members: V. Gokmen, A. Gugliucci, R. Inagi

4.  Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee submits in writing to the Secretary General no fewer than two nominations for each elective office of the Society to be filled in any election.

Chair:  M. Pischetsrieder

5.  Membership Committee

The activities of the Membership Committee are:
1. To promote the recruitment of new members
2. To promote the organization of local activities (workshop, training school for industry people or for PhD students)

Chair:  R. Nagai

Members: D. Bastos, V. S. Ghole, J.S. Kim, T. Merlin, T. Metz, R. Nagaraj, V. Mossine, K. Sebekova, C. Schalkwijk, M. Murkovic

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