Editorial Comment to the November 2013 Issue of IMARS Highlights

Accumulating evidence significantly emphasizes the link between glycative stress, metabolic stress and oxidative stress. These stress networks are closely implicated in various disease manifestations in a number of different contexts. In other words, to regulate and optimize the stress network state would be beneficial to maintain the cellular function, or cellular homeostasis. The fist article written byProf. Jun Hirose at Kumamoto University, Japan in this issue specially focused on the link between glycative stress and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, which is induced by ER dysfunction, and its pathophysiology in cartilage degeneration.

Further, this issue includes the article entitled “The TU Dresden database for glycation compounds in food” by Prof. Anke Förster at Universität Dresden, Germany. In this article, Prof. Förster introduced the usefulness of “TUD-AGE-database”, which provides web-based data collection of Maillard reaction products in foods. This database helps us to summarize the current knowledge about glycation compounds in foods.

The third article is a memorial article written by Dr. Airi Jo at The University of Tokyo, Japan, a winner of Young Investigator Award of the 22nd Japanese Maillard Reaction Society (JMARS) meeting held on December 21-22 in Tokyo last year. She demonstrated that glyoxalase I protected the vascular endothelial cells against aging via modulation of age-related glycative stress and subsequent enhancement of eNOS phosphorylation.

The IMARS Highlights editors look forward to submission of your articles related to glycation in the field of food and medical sciences as always. Please contact us.

Reiko Inagi, PhD

Division of Nephrology and Endocrinology
University of Tokyo, School of Medicine

email: [email protected]

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