Editorial Comment to the January 2017 Issue of IMARS Highlights

IMARS HighlightEditorial comments

IMARS committees would like to celebrate a very happy and successful 2017 to all the members of IMARS. Our society will keep moving forward and we expect your continuous contribution to the IMARS Highlights. I, as an editor of the IMARS Highlights, promise that this on-line journal will provide you useful and exciting information about glycation research in different fields, from food science to medicine, to enjoy international and different-field exchange, and enhance collaboration.

In the New Year issue of this year, we invited Prof. Yuri Nomi at Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, Niigata, Japan. Her article, entitled “Useful and accurate method for Simultaneous Quantitation of Advanced Glycation End Products by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry without Ion-Pair Reagents and Derivatization”, summarizes a novel simple and sensitive method for the simultaneous determination of various AGEs by LC-MS/MS. The LC-MS/MS method revealed that materials, processing condition, and protein content clearly affects the levels of free AGEs in food.

The second article, entitled “The effect of molecular crowding on Maillard reaction”, was written by Dr. Edoardo Capuano at Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands. This article focuses on the link between molecular crowding and Maillard reaction in the field of food science.

I deeply thank their great contributions to the IMARS Highlights. The IMARS Highlights editors always look forward to submission of your articles, comments to any kinds of issues published in IMARS Highlights and other glycation-related issues in the field of food and medical sciences. 

Reiko Inagi, Ph.D.
Division of Chronic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine


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