Editorial Comment to the November 2016 Issue of IMARS Highlights


Editorial Comment

In this issue, we publish two articles of the field of food science of glycation research.

The review article written by Prof. Frédéric J Tessier, Lille Inflammation Research International Center, Lille University, France, focuses on the benefit of butter consumption in healthy life style. Over intake of saturated fatty acids, but not unsaturated fatty acids, is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease.  However, unsaturated fatty acids are structurally unstable and are processed to toxic compounds under the certain conditions, indicating the beneficial properties of saturated fatty acids rather than unsaturated fatty acids in healthy food intake.
The second updated article written by Dr. Jianlei Liu and Prof. Hao Jing, China Agricultural University, China, demonstrated the impact of glycation on heat-induced protein aggregation. The thermal denaturation of food proteins may be lowered by glycation.

I deeply thank their great contributions to the IMARS Highlights.The IMARS Highlights editors always look forward to submission of your articles, comments to any kinds of issues published in IMARS Highlights and other glycation-related issues in the field of food and medical sciences.

Reiko Inagi, Ph.D.
Division of Chronic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine


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