Editorial Comment to the July 2016 Issue of IMARS Highlights

Editorial commentsIMARS2016-3

In this issue, we publish the updated review article regarding cataracts and the Maillard reaction, entitled “Understanding the Maillard reaction for the prevention of blindness”, written by Prof. Yuichi Kaji at Department of Ophthalmology, University of Tsukuba School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Japan. This paper summarizes the pathophysiological impact of glycation in the development and progression of blindness caused by cataracts, age-related macular degeneration as well as diabetic retinopathy.   

                         Further, the 3rd World Congress on Maillard Reaction & Glycation was held by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in May 26-27, 2016 in Budapest. This issue publishes the symposium report written by Prof. Ryoji Nagai at Laboratory of food and regulation biology, Department of bioscience, School of agriculture, Tokai University, Japan. Importantly, the report mentions the great contribution of the IMARS members to the success of the symposium.

                        I deeply thank their great contributions to the IMARS Highlights. The IMARS Highlights editors always look forward to submission of your articles, comments to any kinds of issues published in IMARS Highlights and other glycation-related issues in the field of food and medical sciences.

Reiko Inagi, PhD
Division of Chronic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology,
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine

email: [email protected]

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